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About Us
Our Company.

East India metals is one of the most reputed traders and suppliers of scrap for a number of companies in the steel industry in India. It is one of the leading traders of metal scrap brought into the country. Being reputation conscious, we trade with the most reputed suppliers, offering only superior quality scrap. Our company is located in VISAKHAPATNAM with a representative support in the Visakhapatnam as well as Chennai ports.

What we do

We are involved in bulk and container trade of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, local as well as international. We have enduring trade ties with reputed suppliers across UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Dubai and several African countries. We can also boast of an enviable list of more than 50 steel producing companies. We are currently also active in dismantling and scrapping of non-functional plants.

Why east India metals?

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01.We offer the two things that are most valued by clients – competent prices, and best services.

02.Commitment conscious, we stick to our bids, in spite of subsequent market fluctuations.

03.Our company also offers personnel support at any Indian ports to ensure effective and speedy discharge of vessel